Undergraduate research, as a distinctively problem-oriented rather than discipline-oriented activity, can integrate the components of the core chemistry curriculum into a unified picture.  Additionally, well-planned research helps undergraduate chemistry students acquire a spirit of inquiry, initiative, independence, sound judgment, patience, persistence, alertness, and the ability to use the chemical literature.  By supervising research, faculty members project their enthusiasm onto students, and maintain professional development and scholarly productivity.  Individually supervised research projects are usually the highlight of a student’s academic work at college and will prepare you graduate school, industry, and various other scientific endeavors.

The Wesleyan Chemistry Department requires that students conduct research for many of its academic major offerings.  Students may participate in ongoing, externally-funded projects under the supervision of a chemistry faculty member or they may pursue novel projects of their own design.  The Chemistry Department has a wide array of modern instrumentation and well-equipped laboratories housed in the Christopher Hall of Science and the recent 23,000 sq. ft. Reemsnyder Research Center.  Please contact a chemistry faculty member to learn more about specific research opportunities.