WVWC Institutional Report Exhibits
Standard 1: Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions

Curriculum Analysis Reports submitted to the WVDE, March 01, 2010

WVWC Academic Catalog - Undergraduate

WVWC Academic Catalog - Graduate

WVWC Teacher Education Handbook

Candidate Portfolio High

Candidate Portfolio Low

Title II Report - 2006-2007

Title II Report - 2007-2008

Unit Plan High Level

Unit Plan Low Level

Unit Plan Rubric High Level

Unit Plan Rubric Low Level

Student Teacher (ST) Observation Weekly Cooperating Teacher

ST Observation Weekly College Supervisor

ST Assessment Form

ST Evaluation Rotation 1 Spring 2010

ST Evaluation Rotation 2 Spring 2010

ST Observation Form INTASC

Portfolio Requirements

Portfolio Instructions

Dispositions Contract

Dispositions Rubric

Dispositions Incident Report

Clinical I Midterm Evaluation

Clinical I Final Evaluation

Clinical II Midterm Evaluation

Clinical II Final Evaluation

Clinical I Dispositions Data

Clinical II Dispositions Data

Student Teacher Dispositions Evaluation

Alumni Survey Data 2005-2009

Employee Data 2005-2009



Curriculum Analysis Report (CAR) Status April 2011

Remediation Plan 1

Remediation Plan 2

Remediation Plan 3

Praxis Scores for MEd Completers

Practicum Evaluation - Multicategorical Special Education

Practicum Evaluation - Reading

Unit Plan Subscores

Teacher Work Sample Subscores

Dispositions Matrix

Dispositions Rubric (revised March 2011)

Dispositions Clinical I

Dispoisitions Clinical II

Dispositions External Interview Team

MEd Assessment Exhibits (zip file for download)