West Virginia Wesleyan College

Department of Physics and Engineering

Electronics Labs


Analog Electronics Lab


Research 2004a 031

Tom Hamrick and Joe Zambelliís

nuclear quadrupole resonance research




Josh Hiett is designing

a circuit for the picosatellite.



http://www.wvwc.edu/academics/dept/Physics/Web2008/ElectronicsLab2008_files/ElectronicsLab2008.jpgJosh Keaneís diode circuit




Lissajous circuit


Digital Electronics Lab


Digital labKatelyn Huntís shift register circuit




Circuit design work




Dr. DeLaney states that the picosatellite circuit is

almost ready to convert to a printed circuit.




http://www.wvwc.edu/academics/dept/physics/Web2008/SQUID2008_files/squid.jpgTerry Both and Jane Schelbeís SQUID circuit