West Virginia Wesleyan College

Department of Physics and Engineering

Graduates Employed

in Biomedical Engineering



Biomedical engineers develop devices such as pacemakers and replacement body parts. They develop methods of genetic manipulation and neural repair.



Troy Schifano earned an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Alabama. His research involved developing an artificial ankle. Troy works at a biomedical company, UPEx, in Las Vegas. The company specializes in replacement parts for the upper body.

Parag Chitnis obtained a Ph.D. at Boston University. He is employed at the Lizzi Center for Biomedical Research at the Riverside Research Institute in New York City. Parag writes, "I am working on several different projects. One of these is an ultrasound-assisted drug delivery system to the brain for treating Parkinson's disease. Another project is studying ultrasound contrast agents. And I am working on combining acoustical and optical methods for monitoring cancer treatments."