Department of Physics and Engineering

West Virginia Wesleyan College

Bobby Powell's Internship at Westinghouse

Bobby Powell spend the summer of 2010 working at an internship at the Westinghouse Nuclear Power Design Facility in Cranberry, Pa.

Bobby reports,“I worked in the Nuclear Power Plants division alongside two engineers. I updated the egress report for the AP1000 power plant.

'I also compared specs of three similar designs, and researched new technology for future plant designs.


“Each update of an AP 1000 building needs an up-dated egress plan. I had to follow the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, which considers core power, alternate power sources, and safety designs.

"My report will be used by a Westinghouse attaché in Japan.

“I also worked on the Once-Through Steam Generator project, which could replace the less efficient multi-pass steam generators currently used in the AP1000.”