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Engineering 3/2-Option

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The Engineering-3/2-Option prepares students for a degree in engineering. By taking part in this program, a student can earn two degrees in a total of about 5 years.

One of these degrees is the B.A. in Physics from Wesleyan. The other degree is one of the following:  

  • B.S. in Engineering from West Virginia University,
  • B.S. in Engineering from Virginia Tech, or
  • M.S. in Engineering from the University of Virginia.

The Engineering-3/2-Option enables engineering students to start with a solid foundation for engineering with Wesleyan's smaller classes and labs.

Students finish their work at Wesleyan in 3 years. Then they transfer to complete their study of engineering at the chosen university.

When they complete their work at the university, students will have a degree in physics from Wesleyan and a degree in engineering from the university. Wesleyan courses have been approved for credit at the universities.

Students may select from the following fields:

Aerospace Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Construction and Management Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Ocean Engineering

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Minors are available in

Green Engineering

Electrical Power Engineering

Microelectronic Engineering



         You can obtain two degrees in the same amount of time required for most students to obtain one degree, and one of these can be a Master's degree.

         Wesleyan is a small friendly college.

         Your classes and labs will be taught by a professor, not a graduate student.

         Your professors will be readily accessible for help on assignments or career guidance.

         You can easily participate in other college activities such as athletics, plays, musical groups, and student government.

         A liberal arts degree combined with an engineering degree provides greater flexiblity in career choices throughout life.