Department of Physics and Engineering
Letter from Kim Farnsworth




Washington Works
P.O. Box 1217
Parkersburg, WV 26102-1217

Dear Dr. Popson:

Greetings! Looking back, I'm very glad I chose to attend Wesleyan. I thoroughly enjoyed my four years there.

Thank you for the personal attention you gave from the moment I began my studies until the day I graduated. I was challenged your broad range of classes and labs, but you were available to guide me through them. That personal attention is a rarity, especially in highly technical programs of study.

Upon graduation from Wesleyan, I began my graduate work in Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech. The coursework and research projects at Georgia Tech were not a problem. The same held true for Wesleyan classmates who chose to pursue graduate degrees such as Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. The fundamental principles learned in the classrooms and laboratories at Wesleyan prepared all of us very well for graduate school.

After graduating from Georgia Tech with my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, I began my career with DuPont. I am currently a Division Engineer working on Teflon products at the DuPont plant in my hometown of Parkersburg, W.Va. My responsibilities include improvements in the current production process as well as research and development of new polymers. I continue to learn something new every day, just as I did at Wesleyan.

Kimberly D. Farnsworth, Ph.D.
Class of 1995

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