Department of Physics and Engineering
Letter from Tyler Gruber




Dear Dr. Popson:

Thank you for the invitation to speak to the Engineering Physics Club during my visit to Wesleyan this homecoming weekend. I am delighted to accept your offer. I just haven't been able to make it back nearly as often as I would like.

I wanted to update you on my career. During my junior and senior years at Wesleyan, I decided firmly on a career in science. I was accepted straight into an excellent Ph.D. program in physics at Texas Christian University, which I completed in 1994.

After that, I accepted a position in Technical Service and Research for Columbian Chemicals Company in Louisiana. I had the opportunity to research, write, and present papers that were published in internationally recognized journals. This year, I have embarked on a new career as an assistant professor at Creighton University.

Thank you again for inviting me to speak to the Engineering Physics Club. What an honor!

Tyler Gruber, Ph.D.
WVWC Class of 1990

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