Department of Physics and Engineering
Letter from Robert Hardin




Hey Dr. Popson,

Just thought I would drop a line to you and let you know how things were going up here at WVU. I have been working in the plasma physics lab as a research assistant. Doing research is so great!

I have been put in charge of our laser system because of the laser research experience I had from Wesleyan in the Electro-Optics lab. I use a lasers to excite argon to a metastable state. We connect a photomultiplier tube to data aquisition equipment to determine the plasma density. I presented my results at the American Physical Society Conference in Orlando, Florida!!

I am also a co-author of a paper. I will send you a copy if you would like.

Other than that, classes are going well so far with Graduate Mathematical Methods and Quantum Mechanics. Take care.

Robert Hardin
Class of 2000

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