Department of Physics and Engineering

West Virginia Wesleyan College


Graduates Employed

in Industrial Engineering



Industrial engineers solve complex problems involving people, materials, information, equipment, and energy. Industrial engineers design assembly lines, streamline an emergency room in a hospital, or work to reduce waiting times at an amusement park.



Bryan Corder (2009) completed the 3/2 engineering program at WVU and is an industrial engineer at Bechtel-Bettis in Pittsburgh. Bryan writes, “We are developing energy systems for spacecraft to fly beyond the Solar System. Wesleyan and WVU provided me with a great opportunity using the Dual-Degree Engineering program. Your careful planning made the transfer easy. And Wesleyan’s high standards prepared me well for the university.”

Neal Hoover is an industrial engineer at Safetran Systems in Louisville, Ky.

Shane Clowdus works as an industrial engineer at Simonton Windows in Ellensboro, W.V.