Department of Physics and Engineering
West Virginia Wesleyan College

Students typically earn $4000 during
a ten-week internship during the summer.

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Internships in Industry

This summer, Dan Gordon will work in a civil engineering internship at R.D. Zande, Inc., in Buckhannon.

In the fall semester, Jen Morris studied the tensile strength of manufactured wood at Trus-Joist in Buckhannon.

During the spring semester, Jason Martin had an internship at Corhart Refractories in Buckhannon, where he studied the effects of temperature on compressive strength.

Gary Valkavitch worked for Siemens, where he studied energy efficient methods of heating and cooling office buildings. The previous summer, Gary worked at Honeywell on a project subcontracted for NASA--Goddard.

Amy Powelson (2004) worked on a project involving the propulsion of satellites at the Institute for Scientific Research in Fairmont. In 2005, Amy shadowed a medical physicist at Wheeling General Hospital.

Andy Aurelio worked in a chemical engineering internship at Haldor Topsoe, Inc., in Houston, Texas. The company manufactures catalysts and sells them to companies such as Exxon.

John Metzler observed testing of the main turbine at the nuclear power plant in Shippingport, Pa.

Nicole West had a summer internship at the Federal Energy Technology Center in Morgantown, W.Va.

Stephen Ranjan had an internship at Toyota in Irvine, Calif.

Tylanvis Burris worked on engineering design projects at the National Security Agency. The previous summer, Ty worked as an engineering trainee at the Maryland Port Administration.

Summer NSF Research
Experiences for Undergraduates

This summer, Jackie Queen will work at a summer research project in astrophysics at NASA--Goddard.

Monica Morin (2005) performed research on the efficiency of various types of solar cells at the University of Oregon.

Adam Hunnell worked at the Louisiana State University Civil Engineering Department, where he processed X-ray images from Argonne National Laboratory. The previous summer, Adam worked at the University of Florida on a biophysics project involving cytochrome-c.

Jennifer Morris had an internship in mechanical engineering at the University of Maine and Chad Smith studied high-temperature superconductors at Penn State.

Jason Martin studied aluminum hydride at Stanford Research Institute. Jason made a presentation at a meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Kelly Davisson studied nanotechnology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Kathy Meyer studied explosives at Sandia National Laboratory.

Steven Ranjan used computer software to performed quantum mechanics calculations at Kansas State University and Phil Lemire studied properties of deuterium at Kansas State University.

Summer NSF Research
Experiences at Penn State

Dr. Jeffrey Schiano, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Penn State, has set up a research collaboration with our department. Three Wesleyan students have been connected with Dr. Schiano's research -- Mike Murphy (who will work at Penn State this summer), Jackie Queen (last summer), and Tom Tyson (two summers ago).

Tom is presently a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Penn State. Jackie made a presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Research Conference.

Tom Tyson describes the latest version of the NQR spectrometer.

Summer NASA Research Experiences at Wesleyan

This summer, Kyle Allard is studying nanotechnology at Wesleyan and Bobby Powell is studying neutrinos emitted from supernovae.

Last summer, Bryan Corder and Scott Roberts used lasers to probe the energy structure of rubidium under the guidance of Dr. Wayment (photo).

Scott Robert, Dr. Wayment, and Bryan Corder.

Josh Keane built a computer interface to measure the velocity of sound in solids. Josh made a presentation at a meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Duncan Oliver measured a laser diode's color shift as a function of temperature and Ben Vance studied the absorption of laser light by potassium vapor.

Ben Vance working in the Electro-Optics Lab

Kathy Meyer studied Raman spectroscopy of polymers using our nitrogen laser. She made a presentation at a colloquium at Virginia Commonwealth University in August. Funding for her project was provided by the Appalachian College Association.

Last summer, Phil McElfresh and Josh Mullenax worked on improving the design of the cloud chamber manufactured by a local scientific company. Phil made a presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Research Conference.

Phil McElfresh and Josh Mullenax with Dr. Wiest.

Fall-Spring NASA Research Experiences at Wesleyan

This spring, Duncan Oliver is studying superconductivity using our helium-dilution refrigerator. Previously, Derrick Johns had studied high-temperature superconductivity.

Duncan Oliver with the helium dilution refrigerator.

Students have also had NASA research experience on nuclear quadrupole resonance at Wesleyan using Dr. Sheppard's equipment. These students include Peter Sandwell, Tom Hamrick, and Jessica Cochran.

During the spring, Jackie Queen has a hyperfine structure project in our electro-optics lab.

Jackie Queen at work.