Department of Physics and Engineering
Letter from Dave Klebe




Dear Dr. Popson:

I currently work as an electrical engineer for Rockwell International in their automation division, Allen Bradley. My particular job is as a field engineer. Field engineers have a broad range of functions and abilities that are contracted out to major industries. So far, I have worked with General Motors on their Lumina production facility, and Gillette with their Sensor razor production.

No one works alone in engineering field work. One of the biggest problems we face is finding engineers that are both technically competent and that work well in the team dynamic. No matter how brilliant an engineer is, he or she must communicate and "sell" an idea to upper management for it ever to see the light of day. I have found that Wesleyan gives a broad range of technical classes, but also prepares graduates to be effective communicators.

Dave Klebe
Class of '94

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