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NASA Internships at Wesleyan


NASA Summer Internships


“Summer research internships give students real-world insights into the professions of physics and engineering,” according to Dr. Popson. “At Wesleyan, summer research students earn a stipend and they get free housing.”  


“Freshmen and sophomores benefit greatly by getting some research experience under their belts. At larger schools, younger students rarely have such opportunities, which build resumes for more opportunities later. This is something unique that we can offer at Wesleyan. And Weselyan contributes free summer housing.”


Norm Biggs and Ryan Mischler collaborated on summer NASA research at Wesleyan with Dr. Wiest. Their research studied several energy sources for a possible human colony on Mars.

Denny Vincent and Wesley Marsh worked on summer NASA research projects in Natural Gas Engineering at Wesleyan in collaboration with Energy Corporation of America.


NASA Internships during the academic year


Joe Satterfield worked with Dr. DeLaney on a NASA research project at Wesleyan. Joe reports, “I measured velocities of supernovae using photos from the Chandra X-ray Observatory. Here is one of the photos I used.”


Cassiopeia A supernova remnant, NASA Chandra X-ray observatory