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Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance

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NQR is exhibited by materials containing nitrogen or chlorine they are subjected to magnetic fields oscillating at very high frequency. This subject is significant to national security, because it can detect explosive materials.

Dr. Jeffrey Schiano, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Penn State, has set up a research collaboration with our department. Three Wesleyan students are connected with Dr. Schiano's research: Mike Murphy, Jackie Queen, and Tom Tyson (who is pictured with Dr. Schiano).

Two summers ago, Tom Tyson worked with Dr. Schiano. Last summer, Jackie Queen worked with him, and this summer, Mike Murphy plans to work work with him.

Tom is now working on an M.S. in Electrical Engineering at Penn State. The students were paid a stipend from the National Science Foundation.

At Wesleyan, Peter Sandwell (2005) and Tom Hamrick (2004) studied NQR in paradichlorobenzene (the active materials in mothballs). They used equipment constructed by Wesleyan Emeritus Professor David Sheppard.

Tom Tyson shows off the latest version of the NQR spectrometer. Dr. Jeffrey Schiano is standing behind Tom.