Department of Physics and Engineering
Letter from Wes Steele




Dear Dr. Popson:

Here is an update of my work. After I graduated from WVU with an M.S. in Civil Engineering, specializing in structures. I had a research assistantship that paid for my schooling and living expenses.

My thesis topic was nondestructive testing of composite wrapped materials using infrared thermography. My adviser wrote two papers from my thesis to be published!

After graduating, I started working for a highly respected bridge engineering company, Madjeski and Masters, located in Harrisburg, Pa. They send me all over the country inspecting bridges and supervising the construction of new bridges.

I was recently in Canada inspecting the Ambassador Bridge. I was also assigned to a project in Philadelphia supervising the construction of two railroad bridges.

I would never be where I am without all the help you've given me. Thanks again for everything.

Wes Steele
Class of 1999

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