Department of Physics and Engineering
Letter from Brenton Stone



Dr. Popson,

I wanted to tell you that I am quite pleased with my decision to pursue an M.S. in Civil Engineering at the University of Virginia. I received a very nice package from the University of Virginia that includes tuition, health insurance, and a $1300-a-month stipend funded as an assistantship.

In graduate school, I am able to concentrate on the aspects of civil engineering that interest me the most -- bridges and structures.

The civil engineering department here at UVA has an exceptional research facility. As an example, they study the effects of compression and salt water solutions on different mixtures of concrete. They also study ways to make pavement materials such as asphalt last longer.

Thank you for the one-on-one time I received with you at Wesleyan. I appreciate your help on classwork and the advice from your lifetime of experiences.

Brenton A. Stone 06

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