Department of Physics and Engineering
West Virginia Wesleyan College
Stress Testing Projects

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Dustin Schilpp (2005) used our tensile testing machine to determine elastic properties of materials used in baseball bats. He was able to produce a graph of stress versus strain. He used his results to find the elastic limit, ultimate strength, and breaking stress of the wood.

Morgan Meadows (2004) studied shock loads on steel using strain gauges and Wesleyan's tensile tester. She used the Velleman computer interface for data acquisition.

Brenton Stone (2006) and Nick Graham (2002) used ultrasonic nondestructive testing methods to find defects in solids. He used piezoelectric transducers for his ultrasonic source and detector. He moved the source and detector using a grid system that he constructed with the help of Bob Grose, our machinist.

Jen Morris and Marty Padula are demonstrating our tensile testing machine.