Recommended Courses

Any specific degree or major may be used as background for entry to a professional school, provided students complete the following set of “minimal” requirements:

  • 3-4 semester hours of mathematics
  • 6 semester hours of social and behavioral sciences
  • 8 semester hours of biological sciences with lab
  • 8 semester hours of inorganic chemistry with lab
  • 8 semester hours of organic chemistry with lab
  • 8 semester hours of physics with lab

The majority of Wesleyan’s pre-medicine students pursue majors in biology and chemistry.  The health professions seek well-rounded applicants who have demonstrated high achievement in both academic work and other activities.  Most schools base their admission decisions on grade point average, score on admissions tests, interview, and personal references.  No preference is given to science majors; applicants are advised to select a major to satisfy personal and intellectual interests.  Students interested in medical careers are advised to begin investigating those professions seriously during the first college year as specific requirements for each field of medicine may differ.  Students should consult the admission requirements of several institutions when preparing their undergraduate coursework.  Students who are interested in a pre-medical or health-related field, should contact Dr. Jeanne Sullivan, Chairperson of the Biology Department and Associate Professor of Biology at or Dr. Ed Wovchko, Chairperson of the Chemistry Department and Associate Professor of Chemistry at

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