Because of the uniqueness of low residency programs, traditional course descriptions, as such, are not apropos.  For most of their studies, students design their own program of study in consultation with faculty mentors.  However, during each residency, a series of craft lectures, seminars, discussion groups, and writing workshops are offered, and students work out a schedule of attendance and participation in these with their faculty mentor, with whom they will meet on the first day of the residency. See Course Descriptions on this website for more details.

Information on the semester's course offerings will be sent to students in advance, along with a list of suggested readings. At the residency, each instructor will offer either a one- or two-day seminar; the writing workshops will be led by various faculty members. These learning activities are incorporated into the Craft and Theory and Workshop courses. The Semester Project course will span the remainder of the semester. The thesis hours will be supervised by the faculty mentor and are a separate course.




Students who complete the WVWC low-residency MFA program will be:

  • Versant in the craft of creative writing with a thorough grounding in the best that is being written.
  • Proficient in the craft and technique of creative writing while deepening and enlarging their writing mind and talent. 
  • Active and productive as member of a community of writers who will mutually enrich each other’s life and writing.


MASTER OF FINE ARTS.  Program of Study Requirements.


A minimum of 48 credit hours are required for the MFA degree. Requirements include completion of four consecutive residencies and a thesis defense residency, and completion of the following required courses:

Poetry Track: ENG 540 (four times), ENG 545 (four times), ENG 570 (three times), and ENG 650.

Fiction Track: ENG 520 (four times), ENG 525 (four times), ENG 570 (three times), and ENG 650.

Creative Non-Fiction Track: ENG 530 (four times), ENG 535 (four times), ENG 570 (three times), and ENG 650.