Self-study Proccess Timeline and Overview

April 2007
Initiation of self-study process with the appointment of Steering Committee co-chairs
July 2007
Steering Committee organizational meeting; subcommittee chairs appointed
Fall 2007
Formation for sub-committees for campus wide discussion and data collection related the five accreditation criteria.
Spring 2008
Subcommittees draft report segments; WVWC delegation attends accreditation workshop in Chicago
Summer 2008
May and June – Criterion 3, 4 and 5 evidence collection and drafts disseminated to Steering Committee, sub committees and department chairs for input and/or comment; July and August one-day workshops for Steering Committee and invited guests
Summer 2008
July and August Workshops—Narrative draft of self-study by criteria(1-5)
Fall 2008
Draft of self-study criteria with gaps/deficits identified and methods for resolution of gaps and deficits developed. If gaps/deficits cannot be resolved, the narrative of plans for future resolution is written.
Spring 2009
Writers edit draft; disseminate draft to Steering Committee and faculty/staff for comment
Summer 2009
Writers finalize self-study
Fall 2009
Self-study report printed, disseminated to constituencies and via website and submitted to HLC
Fall 2009
HLC re-accreditation visit November, 2009