UNPUBLISHED - Naming Opportunities

UNPUBLISHED - Naming Opportunities

West Virginia Wesleyan College Naming Opportunities 

West Virginia Wesleyan College offers a wide range of naming opportunities that provides individuals or families venues to establish a perpetual legacy or ways to permanently honor family members, mentors, or friends.  On January 24, 2013, the Wesleyan Board of Trustees revised the institution’s naming policies for academic schools and departments, student life programs, buildings, centers, classrooms, residence halls, athletic facilities, and scholarships.   There are many other available recognition opportunities in addition to those listed here.  Please contact the Advancement Office at 304-473-8600 for additional details. 

                                                                                Endowed Funds 

Newly established endowed funds are generally expected to be funded within five years of the original contribution.  There is no minimum limit for gifts to already existing endowments, but the minimum amount for establishing an endowment is typically $20,000.  Wesleyan has a unitized endowment portfolio which is managed professionally with oversight by the Board of Trustees Investment Committee. 

Endowed Faculty Chair                             $1,500,000
Endowed Professorship                            $1,000,000
Faculty Development Fund                        $   100,000
Faculty Research Award                           $   100,000
Scholarship                                             $     20,000



                                                Academic Schools, Departments, & Student Life Programs 

Naming of School                                    $5,000,000
Academic Department                              $1,000,000
Center for Community Engagement           $1,000,000
           & Leadership Development
Learning Center                                       $1,000,000
Wellness Center                                       $   300,000 

                                                Academic Classrooms, Conference Rooms, & Laboratories 

Teaching Laboratory                                  $   250,000
Lecture Hall Classroom                              $   100,000
Large Classroom (48 Seats)                       $     60,000
Standard Classroom (36 Seats)                  $    50,000
Small Classroom (24 seats)                        $    40,000 

                                                Athletic Facilities 

New Tennis Court Complex                         $   200,000
Tennis Court (three available)                     $     25,000
Multi-Purpose Athletic Complex                   $1,000,000
Lighting for Complex                                  $   250,000
Media Center                                             $   100,000
Concession Stand & Reception Area             $   150,000 

Miscellaneous Naming Opportunities 

Multi-Purpose Athletic Complex                    $      1,000 & up
Memorial Benches/Plantings                         $      1,500
David E. Reemsnyder Center Tile                  $      1,500


David E. Reemsnyder Center Glass-Etching    $         750

Virginia Thomas Law Center for the               $         500
Performing Arts Courtyard Brick                                                        


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