Fraternity B.Y.O.B. (Bring your Own Beverage) Policy Information


*    Fraternity parties are invite only functions. There are a specified number of guests allowed per event.

*    The permitted maximum of alcohol allowed at any fraternity party per legal aged guest shall be: one six-pack of twelve ounce beers, two 40 ounce beers, or one four-pack of twelve ounce wine coolers. Note: It is the

Personal responsibility of participants at any social event (host, guest, etc.) to determine the amount of alcohol that they can reasonably consume within the time frame that the event is taking place.


*  At the entrance of a fraternity party, invited guests must show two forms of identification - driver’s license and Wesleyan ID. Guests who show proof of legal age will be marked. Those guests not marked cannot consume alcoholic beverages at the function.

*  Legal aged guests bringing alcoholic beverages to a fraternity party must check those beverages in at the designated check-in spot. Guests checking in beverages will receive a punch card that specifies the amount and type of beverage checked. Each time you wish to obtain one of your beverages, you must present your punch card to the chapter. Fraternities reserve the right to refuse alcohol to any guest already impaired even if he/she has alcohol remaining.


Your actions off-campus are as closely observed by those in the community as they are observed on-campus. Please act responsible and keep in mind that your actions reflect the way the community views not only the College as a whole, but also the entire Greek system.                       

Thank You... Interfraternity Council (IFC)