Registration and Workshop Presentation


STEP 1. Decide how you will be registering, as an individual or with a group, and click the appropriate link below.  **Registering as an individual means that you will be paying for the conference yourself.  The form for registering multiple participants is designed for institutions/organizations that will be submitting one payment for multiple individuals.

Register as an individual participant

Register multiple participants from the same institution or organization

STEP 2. Click the link below to pay the conference registration fee.  **This payment method is for individuals as well as groups.

Registration fee payment

STEP 3. Are you interested in presenting a workshop at the conference?  Please provide information about your session by clicking the link below and a Center for Community Engagement & Leadership Development staff member will follow-up with additional information prior to the conference.

ENGAGE: Workshop Presentation Application

STEP 4. If you are still checking your calendar to confirm your availability, but would like to receive updates about the conference in the meantime, please send your e-mail address to with “Conference Updates” in the subject line.