Featured Speakers


Keynote Address: Dr. Andrew Johnston


Dr. Andrew Johnston is a sought after speaker, teacher, and consultant whose personal style and practical approach distinguish his work in corporate, academic, and church-related contexts. Clients connect easily, deeply and genuinely with him as he helps them increase their potential and inhabit it fully.

Dr. Johnston meets leaders and organizations where they are because he knows the charms and challenges of leadership himself. Twenty-five years of surviving and inspiring transformation as a senior-level leader have tested and tempered his own leadership, and left him committed to empowering and encouraging others who want to lead and live well.

This heart for leaders is coupled with a head for leadership. Dr. Johnston knows how to move others and make the most of them. He draws from extensive academic preparation in Interpersonal Communication, Counseling Psychology, and Leadership as well as diverse experiences as an executive, psychologist, professor, NCAA coach, and counselor to create unusually pertinent and powerful experiences for his clients. In them, they discover new skills, new energy, and new vision for the future.

Dr. Johnston is the husband of a wonderful woman that reminds him leadership is about genuine collaboration and occasionally taking out the trash, and the father of two children who remind him that leadership is a high (and frequently humorous) calling, not for the faint-of-heart.

Equally comfortable on stage, in a classroom, or over a cup of coffee, Dr. Johnston calls leaders to a higher place, and leaves them feeling more capable and more hopeful in the process.


Evening Panel Discussion:  Faces of Homelessness Panel Discussions presented by the National Coalition for the Homeless

The "Faces of Homelessness" Panel provides an opportunity for dialogue and understanding between homeless or formerly homeless persons with conference attendees who want to learn more about homelessness. The panel is comprised of extraordinary people who are committed to sharing their personal and powerful experiences of homelessness with others. From homeless activists to riveting poets, all have found a unique way for their voices to be heard. This conversation will break down barriers and expel common myths about the experience of being homeless. For more information about NCH, please visit their website at http://nationalhomeless.org/.