Singer Eric Peters to Perform at the Annual Great Gathering

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Each year at West Virginia Wesleyan College, the Great Gathering is hosted as a way to bring the entire Wesleyan community together to celebrate the new academic year. The Great Gathering will be Tuesday, August 28 at 11 a.m. in Wesley Chapel. Featured guest is Eric Peters, a singer-songwriter from Louisiana (via Nashville).

Peters’ music is described as working on “multiple levels — his beautiful melodies and catchy arrangements are immediately accessible, but his lyrical intentions continue to emerge long after the first impressions fade away. The varying layers continually reveal new discoveries the deeper and harder one looks.

“I trust that my songs are interpretative, not instructional,” Peters says. “While instruction can be instantaneous and fleeting, interpretation allows for the factor of time: Time to heal, time to breathe, time to forgive, time for anger, time for failure, time for success, time to change and time to become.”

Recurring themes of faith and hope-triggered plotlines are simply an echo of who Peters is, his experiences, and his attempts to understand his own fallible world.

Angela Gay Kinkead, dean of the Chapel said the staff receives positive feedback about the event each year and is one of the best attended events in the Chapel.

“We feature regional performers because we try to elevate Appalachia for students and faculty who are not from this area,” Kinkead said. “It is a way to show them that they made the right decision coming here, to break up some of the stereotypes, and for students who are from this area to say, ‘this is what we do here, and what we do well,’ and to celebrate that.”

In addition to the Great Gathering, the Chapel at Wesleyan maintains a busy slate of activities throughout the year. Chapel services are each Tuesday at 11 a.m., while Catholic Mass is offered at 5 p.m. each Saturday. Speakers throughout the region will offer services on several occasions throughout the year.