School of Science Adds New Cog in Wheel

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Bruce Anthony has joined West Virginia Wesleyan’s School of Science as a visiting professor of Biochemistry.  Joining the College from the Indiana University School of Medicine, Anthony hopes to not only aid the College in beginning a new Biochemistry major in the School of Science, but to also continue his research on  alcohol and drug effects on brain plasticity.

Dr. Bruce Anthony assists Ali Roberts, a junior chemistry major from Tampa, FL, in the Biochemistry Lab

Anthony’s main research focuses on the effects of alcohol and drugs of abuse on neuronal stem cells, as well as some work in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.  He hopes to bring some of this research to the College and incorporate students as part of the process.

However, the undergraduate college scene is one to which Anthony must become accustomed.  During his time at the Indiana University School of Medicine, he spent time as an adjunct Chemistry faculty of Harrison College in Northwest, Indiana.  Anthony is also a grant-funded researcher.

“I have only taught in medical and graduate school programs that have already well-established curriculum,” commented Anthony.  “Teaching at the undergraduate level is a new experience; it has been quite fun.  It is a different way of teaching and allows for new approaches.”

With Anthony’s help, the School of Science at West Virginia Wesleyan will host a new Biochemistry major in the near future.  Students are already able to take advantage of one Biochemistry lab in the David E. Reemsnyder Research Center, and another cell culture lab is in the works.

“We hope to grow to facilitate a large group of students interested in advancing their education in chemistry,” stated Anthony.

If the Biochemistry major, which is currently in review, comes to fruition, Anthony believes this program could be a true asset to the College.

“Biochemistry focuses on the study of structure, composition, and chemical reactions of substances in living systems and includes the sciences of molecular biology; immunochemistry; neurochemistry; and bioinorganic, bioorganic, and biophysical chemistry,” Anthony stated.  “It prepares students for advancement to Medical School, Pharmacy School, and research in medicine.  These are all great opportunities for students.”

For more information about the Biochemistry major in the School of Science at West Virginia Wesleyan College, please contact Dr. Bruce Anthony, visiting professor of Biochemistry, at 304-473-8842 or