Eleven Students Awarded 2013 NASA Fellowships

Friday, October 25th, 2013

The NASA Committee at West Virginia Wesleyan College’s Department of Physics and Engineering selected eleven students for this year’s NASA Fellowships. Funding is provided by the WV Space Grant Consortium. The announcement was made by Dr. Joseph Wiest, Wesleyan’s academic representative to the consortium.

Winners are selected based on their academic record and their commitment to a discipline of interest to NASA. Students are paid a stipend to perform a research project during the academic year.

In addition, winners have the opportunity to apply for NASA summer research fellowships and internships at a NASA facility such as the NASA Langley Space Flight Center.

The freshmen winners are John Bair of Shady Spring, WV, music education major; Cameron Greza, physics major of Morgantown; Thomas Haines of Green Spring, WV, engineering major; Cullen Hoone of Smithfield, PA, physics major; Shane Hypes, physics major of Powellton, WV; Dustin Kimble of Upper Tract, WV, engineering major; Mark Schiffour of Hurricane, WV engineering major; Samantha Stinson of Salem, VA, engineering major; Bronnie Stroud of Williamsburg, WV, music major; Landon Todd of Oakland, MD; engineering major, and Cody Turner of Upper Tract, WV, engineering major.

L-R: Dr. Wiest, Dr. Siegfried Bleher, assistant professor of physics, Cullen Hoone, John Bair, Samantha Stinson, Cody Turner, Dustin Kimble, Shane Hypes, Thomas Haines, Landon Todd, Dr. Eric Reynolds, Cameron Greza, Mark Schiffour, Bronnie Stroud, Dr. Bert Popson, professor of physics and engineering.