From Physics to Photography: Andrew Ferguson Completes Internship with Kansas City Chiefs

Monday, October 14th, 2013

For some students, summer is a time away from homework and studying; however, many students decide to spend their lazy, hazy days of summer working on educational learning experiences called internships.  Many West Virginia Wesleyan College students choose the latter during the days of summer, and Andrew Ferguson was no different.

Ferguson, a senior physics major and math minor from Grafton, WV, traveled to Kansas City, MO to intern with the Kansas City Chiefs as a photographer.  Although photography is not Ferguson’s chosen academic field, he was able to use his knowledge of physics to help him make an impression.

“Being a physics major actually helped me stand out from the other applicants,” stated Ferguson.  “I utilized my physics background to write a script file that would improve the efficiency of our workflow.”

Ferguson spent two and a half months with the AFC West team snapping over 30,000 pictures that have been featured on, as well as the official social media pages for the Chiefs and the 2013 Official Team Yearbook.

His daily schedule was full of activities revolving around the photographs he had taken.  Ferguson spent what time he had not photographing the Chiefs posting photos to web galleries, fulfilling photo requests for various departments of the Chief’s organization, maintaining photography archives, and building graphics for social media sites.

While at Wesleyan, Ferguson is the Greek Life photographer.  He also owns his own photography business, A. Ferguson Photography.  The following is an excerpt from his blog on his business’s website:

“With the Chiefs’ win in overtime [against the Steelers in pre-season], my time with the Chiefs had officially ended.  It had been one of the best summers of my life.  I met so many great people in Kansas City and cannot wait to come back to visit for a Chiefs home game at a packed Arrowhead [Stadium].  As for my future, I have no clue.  I still have one more year of physics undergrad left, but photography does not seem like such an unattainable career anymore.”

Ferguson still has some major photography dreams to fulfill.  While he wants to continue to grow as a photographer, he would like to return to the NFL ranks to photograph a Super Bowl game, as well as photograph the Olympic Games.

However, Ferguson will never forget his time spent with the Chiefs.

“My time with the Chiefs organization was such a rewarding experience,” he reflected.  “Working every day with Steve Sanders, who is one of the best photographers in the NFL, gave me so much insight into what it takes to be a professional photographer.  The entire experience has prepared me to take the next step in my photography career and to work toward achieving my career goals as a photographer.”

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