Wesleyan to Host West Virginia Invasive Species Working Group

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

West Virginia Wesleyan College will host the semi-annual meeting of the West Virginia Invasive Species Working Group on the Buckhannon campus on November 7 in the Greek Alumni Room in the Virginia Thomas Law Center for the Performing Arts.

The primary mission of the WVISWG is to maintain an inclusive statewide group to facilitate actions for the prevention or reduction of negative impacts of invasive species on managed and natural terrestrial and aquatic communities through coordinated: planning and communication; assessment and research; and education and control.

“I am excited to have [the meeting] moved to Wesleyan, at least for now,” stated Robynn Shannon, assistant professor of biology at Wesleyan and a newer member to the group.  “We are more centrally located for many of the participants, and a number of faculty here at Wesleyan have an interest in invasive species, so we feel we can contribute to efforts to increase awareness of and manage invasive species in West Virginia.”

The meeting is open to anyone interested in attending.

For more information on the group or if you are interested in attending, please contact Eric Ewing, acting director of plant industries division, at eewing@wvda.us; Paul Harmon, botanist at the Wildlife Resources Section, WV DNR, Elkins, at paul.j.harmon@wv.gov; or Whitney Bailey, environmental restoration planner for WVU ERIC/WV DNR at whitney.bailey@mail.wvu.edu.