West Virginia Wesleyan College Announces the Addition of Marching Band

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Beginning fall 2014, West Virginia Wesleyan College will once again establish marching band as a co-curricular offering on campus.

According to Bernie Valento, vice president for enrollment management, “For more than 50 years, between 1922 and 1979, marching band played an important role in enriching our College experience, and it is extremely exciting to re-establish this tradition after a 35-year absence.  Our College community looks forward to the beautiful sounds and wonderful spirit that the return of marching band will bring to our campus.”

The College is in the midst of hiring a full time Athletic Marching Band Director and has begun recruiting for what is expected to be more than 35 new freshmen members to the band next fall.

John Waltz, director of admission at West Virginia Wesleyan College stated, “Throughout the recruitment process, prospective students continuously express interest in marching band, and I am confident that the College will deliver a first class experience for these students.  As a small private college, we pride ourselves on the important contributions each of our students make to our community.  I see this as an incredible opportunity for students to help build something special.”

For more information please contact Amanda Lanham in the Office of Admission at 800.722.9933 or at Lanham_a@wvwc.edu