Resume Writings Tips - Impact Statements

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When composing your resume, try to convert past-tense verb phrases into "impact statements". Let the employer know not only what you did, but more importantly, the effect/difference that your involvement produced. Use language to distinguish your resume from those of other applicants.

  1. Verb + Object + which resulted in.
    • "Coordinated a campus community service project which increased volunteerism by 300%."

    • "Designed and implemented a fundraising campaign for the Sociology Club which showed a $1300 profit."

    • "Chaired the sub-committee charged with revising the constitution of the student government, which resulted in streamlining the committee structure."
  2. Verb + Object + for whom.
    • "Developed a product feasibility study for the Vice-President of New Product Development."

    • "Developed a statistical analysis of the day-care center employee comp-time usage over a three year period for the Chairman of the Board of Directors."

    • "Co-authored a report categorizing diagnoses in all state-run mental health agencies for the Director of the State of Ohio Board of Medical Examiners."
  3. Verb + Object + skills.
    • "Designed/published a marketing newsletter for distribution to 13 sub-offices using my design skills in desktop publishing and my editing skills in applying the AP Style Manual."

    • "Mediated disagreements among dorm residents using my skills in conflict resolution and active listening."

    • "Ran bio-analytical chemical separations utilizing the Capillary Electrophoresis as a micro-reactor."
  4. Verb + Object + how.
    • "Persuaded the governing board to purchase new accounting software by demonstrating long term savings, and usefulness of the program for future planning."

    • "Taught the concept of community citizenship to 5th graders by designing a program in which students interviewed local politicians, businessmen, and senior citizens."

    • "Obtained 80% active participation of International Studies majors in a student organization by developing agendas relating to their need for information on study abroad, graduate study, and employment in their field."