Programs/Tools for Success and Well-Being

The Health and Counseling Center staff provide a variety of training, education, and prevention programs throughout the year and these outreach programs are designed to promote personal health and well-being.  The programs are advertised using a variety of methods including this webpage.

We also offer several tools or instruments to support your personal and career development.  After completing any of the following you will meet with a professional counselor to help you make the results meaningful.

This is a career inventory that you can complete an online.  Once complete you will meet with a staff person to help you make the results meaningful.

This inventory identifies your personality type and is helpful in understanding your learning and leadership style, and your preferences in work environment.  It is also very helpful in understanding and working with others.

This inventory identifies your social-emotional competence.  It is very helpful in identifying your strengths and needs on key competencies including interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skills, stress management, adaptation, and optimism.

This instrument will help you to understand your interpersonal orientation.  It identifies levels of need for inclusion, control, affection in personal and work relationships.