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West Virginia Dance Company to Perform November 29

Nov 14, 2017

West Virginia Dance Company to Perform November 29

West Virginia Wesleyan College’s Arts Alive! program is pleased to announce the upcoming performance of West Virginia Dance Company (WVDC) at the Virginia Thomas Law Center for the Performing Arts on Tuesday, November 28, at 8 p.m. in the Culpepper Auditorium.

Founded in 1977, WVDC performs a mixed repertory of entertaining and thought-provoking modern works that generate enthusiasm in audiences of all ages.  The company has performed extensively throughout West Virginia and the greater Mid-Atlantic region and reaches tens of thousands of K-12 students each year with its award-winning arts education program.

For its 41th season program, WVDC will introduce three new works to the repertoire that celebrate the joy and complexity of human interactions. Black Beans with White Rice choreographed by Dr. Eluza Santos is based on Brazilian cultural customs while exploring the theory projected by Clause Levi-Strauss, a French anthropologist that stresses the idea that differences can be orchestrated and drastic opposition can be cancelled when people commune together and reach out for their common denominators and strive for understanding and respect of their differences.

Evanescent will display an awareness of the interconnectedness of humanity and the challenges we face as our needs and causes intersect gives reason for contemplation in this new work. Choreographer Donald Laney offers through connective phrase work, solos, and physical contact how small individual actions impact the actions of others and cumulatively, the action our world takes.  The message is ultimately one of peaceful coexistence and co-creation of our lived reality and environment raising the question of whether individual striving is always to the benefit of the greater good of humanity.

This intense, highly physical new work with three sections by Heather Taylor-Martin, Donald Laney, and Toneta Akers-Toler explores the destructive force of addiction in our lives and the role of fear in driving those addictions.  Quotes heard in text pull the sections together with very different styles of movement and music.  The name Sarpashana, a san skirt word meaning “poison eater,” refers to the poser of the recovery process to defeat an addiction, or whatever kind of “poison.”  The three works will follow the path of addiction leading to fear, fear leading to anger, anger leading to hate, and the eating of the poison with loving human connection.

Akers-Toler is the Founder and Managing Artistic Director and Donald Laney is the Producing Artistic Director.  Dancers involved are Laney, Aymen Robertson, Hilary Jereza, Brittney Fitzgerald, Curtis Johnson, and Forrest Hershey.

The performance is free and open to the public.