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Weaver to Assume New Position as United Methodist Church Liaison and Spiritual Life Coordinator

Mar 28, 2018

The Resident Bishop of the West Virginia Conference of The United Methodist Church, Sandra Steiner Ball, and West Virginia Wesleyan College President, Joel Thierstein, are pleased to announce that Lauren Weaver will serve as West Virginia Wesleyan College’s United Methodist Church Liaison and Spiritual Life Coordinator effective July 1.

Weaver is a lifelong United Methodist completing her Master of Divinity at the Asbury Theological Seminary.  She has a wide range of campus ministry experiences, and she has mission trip experiences in Costa Rica, Cuba, Haiti, Israel, and Peru.  She served as a Director of United Methodist summer camps and has also worked with the University of Georgia Wesley Foundation.

“President Thierstein and I have been in constant communication about spiritual and religious life since his arrival at WVWC,” stated Steiner Ball.  “Over the past several months, we have worked closely with Wesleyan leaders, current students, and United Methodist clergy to gain an in-depth perspective about the spiritual and religious needs of Wesleyan’s campus community.  The new position of United Methodist Church Liaison and Spiritual Life Coordinator is designed to bring the College and the Church closer together.”

“Along with coordinating spiritual and religious life on campus, Lauren will act as the liaison between the College and the United Methodist Church of West Virginia.  Lauren will have responsibility for connecting United Methodist congregations with the College on a variety of levels,” said President Thierstein.  “Bishop Steiner Ball’s thoughtful and collaborative leadership has been invaluable as we work to bring West Virginia Wesleyan College and the United Methodist Church of West Virginia closer together.”

“President Thierstein and I agree that there needs to be an active and staffed office of spiritual and religious life on Wesleyan’s campus,” continued Steiner Ball.  “I am grateful to the team of pastors who have graciously and passionately included the college as part of their ministry and mission.  It is my vision that this new level of engagement between our United Methodist Church pastors and Wesleyan will continue.”

“We are excited about the talents and enthusiasm Lauren will bring to our campus,” Thierstein said.  “The breadth and depth of her experiences make her the ideal candidate for the position.”

Weaver earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.  She is married to Nathan Weaver, a 2013 graduate of WVWC, who has recently been appointed as the pastor of Quiet Dell United Methodist Church.