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Poverty: A Showcase at WVW

Mar 16, 2019

People often have a false idea of poverty. There are countless stigmas that surround impoverished individuals. The WE LEAD Poverty Reduction team will be hosting Poverty: A Showcase on March 19th from 5-7pm in the Greek Alumni Room at West Virginia Wesleyan College. By hosting the showcase, the Poverty Reduction team hopes to break some of the stigmas surrounding poverty because there will be reflections of the various faces of poverty. The showcase follows the theme of poverty and what a person in poverty experiences in his or her lifetime. Pieces that will be included in the showcase will be poetry, short stories, drawings, paintings, and photographs. The walk-through for the pieces will begin at 5pm and end at 7pm. There will be a poetry and short story reading at 6pm. This is the first time the team has put on an event like this, and they would appreciate community support.  This event is part of Social Justice Week 2019 at WVWC.

For more information, contact  Ammanda Frame at