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Wesleyan 2019 Academic and Leadership Awards Ceremony

Wesleyan 2019 Academic and Leadership Awards Ceremony
Apr 24, 2019

Students, faculty, and staff were recognized on Sunday with numerous academic and leadership awards. This annual event honors students who have excelled in their academic performance as well as demonstrated leadership at the College. Listed below are the awards and their recipients.

Student Senate
Faculty Member of the Year Award: Allison Hull
Staff Member of the Year Award: Meghan Kroll


Sam Ross Awards: Frederik Broensted and Emily Kroll

Campus Life

Student Staff Member of the Year: Kylea Arnold

Center for Community Engagement and Leadership Development
The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award: Michael Winters
The Mary Mildred Sullivan Award: Arin Shatto
John Wesley Do All the Good You Can Awards: Serina Hovis, Monica Miller, Felicia Secaur, and Ashley Walker
The Wesleyan Values Award: Winnifred Berry and Jenna Fuerst
Outstanding Peer Leader Award: Megan Allen, Sarah Sisson, and Tabitha Swanson
Outstanding Community Outreach Awards: Courtney Jack, Maryanna Mason, and Daria Seccurro

Greek Life
Greek Woman of the Year Award: Jaiden Harvey
Greek Man of the Year Award: Zachary Mutchler

Intercultural Relations

International Student Ambassador Award: Agustin Rossi and Tobi Carter

Academic Affairs
Outstanding Senior in Service to the Mission of the College: Esha Pell

Outstanding Senior Award: James Crim
Outstanding Junior Award: Megan Hepburn
Outstanding Sophomore Award: Brendon Stout
Outstanding Freshman Award: David Hooper

Outstanding Senior Biology Major Award: John “Jack” Goellner
Outstanding Junior Biology Major Award: Casey Stallman
Outstanding Sophomore Biology Major Award: Hannah Dunn
Outstanding Freshman Biology Major Awards: Carson Cochran
Outstanding Research in Biology Award: Michael Winters
Outstanding Student Assistant Award: Gillian Ross

Business and Economics
Outstanding Accounting Student Awards: Emily Kroll
Outstanding Business Administration Student Award: Mykenzie Martin
Outstanding Economics Student Awards: Liam Igoe and Dominic Okus
Outstanding Management Student Award: Derek Drapen
Outstanding Marketing Student Award: Katelyn Fluharty
Outstanding Sport Marketing Award: Collin Wallace
Outstanding Five-Year MBA Graduate Award: Tyler Piktel

Sheridan Watson Bell Award: Clay Todd

Outstanding Laboratory Assistant Award: Kathryn Quillen and Hannah Tenney
Outstanding Senior Biochemist: Leah Smith
Outstanding Senior Chemist Award: Frederik Broendsted

Outstanding Senior Award: Tabitha Swanson

Computer Science
Outstanding Senior: Martina Edgell

Criminal Justice
Outstanding Senior in Criminal Justice: Jessica Zito

Outstanding Dance Student: Lindsey Poling and Haley Shires
Outstanding Theatre Arts Student: Aaron Harris

Academic Achievement Senior Awards: Jonathan DeGiulian, Breanna Marsh, and Jordan Lynn
Dr. Ruth Mansberger Shearer Education Award: Jordan Lynn

Environmental Science
Outstanding Freshman Environmental Science Student: Amira Layeni
Outstanding Freshman Environmental Studies Student: Benjamin Peters
Outstanding Sophomore Environmental Studies Student: Haleyc Zinn
Outstanding Junior Environmental Science Student: Kyra Duncan and Corey Johnston
Outstanding Junior Environmental Studies Student: Kathryn G Wilson
Outstanding Senior Environmental Studies Student: Ebonie Hicks
Outstanding Environmental Science/Studies Research Student: Nora L Wilson

Outstanding Senior English Major Award: Savannah Payne

ESL Student of the Year: Haruki Iizuka

Exercise Science and Athletic Training
Outstanding Senior in Athletic Training Award: Kirsten Campbell
Freshman with Highest GPA for Athletic Training Award: Zoey Tyree
Delta Psi Kappa/David E. Reemsnyder Award: Jaiden Harvey
Developing Clinician in Exercise Science Award: Daria Seccuro
Outstanding Research Student in Exercise Science: Alexa Szelong

Gender Studies
Outstanding Senior Award: Savannah Payne and Tara Gratton

Outstanding Senior History Major Awards: Katlyn Buckland and Rebekah Graham
Outstanding Junior History Major Awards: Madison LaPole and Adreanna LeMasters
Outstanding Senior International Studies Award: Abby Buchan
Outstanding Junior International Studies Award: Hannah Jones

Pamela Thorn Humanities Award: Maya Eberhart

Outstanding Academic Internship Awards: Abigail Buchan, Melissa Guydish, and Kendra Gillenwater

Hallam Awards: Timothy Aloi, Hanna Brewer, Holly Miller, Rebecca Osborne, and Julia Yanes-Barrera

Outstanding Senior Music Awards: Chris McGraw, Eliza Taylor, and Jonathan DiGiulian

Outstanding Senior Nursing Award: Sarah Hamrick and Ryleigh McCoy
Outstanding Junior Nursing Award: Ashton Cole and Alley Jarom
Outstanding Sophomore Nursing Award: Alyssa Christensen

Physics & Engineering

Outstanding BA in Physics: Kaylee Burdette, Justin Knotts, Brycen Pearl, Anna Puigvert, and Baylee Senator
Outstanding BS in Physics: Shawn Lawman, Noah Osborne, Spencer Rodgers, Eric Roy, and Timothy Suder
Outstanding BS in Applied Physics: Alex Bradley-Popovich, Richard Calo, Rebecca Davis, Mackenzie Robatin, and Zach Whiting
Outstanding BA Dual-Degree Engineering: Estoban Fernandez, Ethan Randolph, Frankie Thomas, Andrew Wilhelm, Mitchell Williams

Political Science

Outstanding Senior: Kendra Gillenwater and Jacob Jasper


Outstanding Senior: Jenna Fuerst and Esha Pell


The John Warner Memorial Sociology Award: Winnie Berry
The Vijaya Rao Global Awareness Award: Arin Shatto
Outstanding Senior in Sociology Award: Aiyana Kachmarek

Wesleyan Spirit Awards

Initiated in 1988, the Wesleyan Spirit Awards were instituted to recognize students, who by their positive attitudes about the College, level of contribution to the life of the campus and their upbeat approach to their overall college experience, simply “MAKE OUR DAY.” One male and one female student from each of the four classes are selected annually to receive this honor.

Freshmen: Max McGinnis and Katie Kell; Sophomores: Jeffrey Wu and Tiara Stokes; Juniors: Marcus Larrsson and Lovely Lopez; and Seniors: Zachary Mutchler and Tabby Swanson

Senior Academic and Leadership Achievement Awards
The Senior Academic and Leadership Achievement Award recipients have been selected for their significant contributions to the College in academic and co-curricular life. Their ability to balance these two aspects of the experience at Wesleyan has allowed them to become respected campus leaders and examples of total student development in the best sense of the word.

Jordan Lynn, Frederik Brondsted, Haley McGuffin, Daria Securro, Hannah Pulley, Esha Pell, Caitlin May, Michael Winters, Ryan Kiser, Liam Igoe, Duncan Maguire, Delana Teets, Megan Allen, Kristin Campbell, Eliza Taylor, Leighanna Connell, and Winnie Berry

2018-2019 Outstanding Seniors
Nominated by faculty and staff, these seniors were chosen on the basis of academic performance, with a 3.8 grade point average or above and significant leadership in a variety of academic and co-curricular activities. These superior seniors who best exemplify the high ideals of student involvement and contribution to campus life have shown an uncommon commitment to academic excellence, participation in campus life and service to the College.

Katie Quillen, Jenna Fuerst, Catherine Bandak, James Snavely, Clay Todd, and Arin Shatto