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New student orientation, convocation welcomes freshman and transfer students to Wesleyan

Convocation ceremonies 2019 in the Chapel
Aug 30, 2019

Get involved. Make new friends. Celebrate your achievements. Ask for help, ask often. Trust yourself, take a chance. Make the most of every moment. Be on fire for your passions. That is just some of the advice West Virginia Wesleyan’s new students heard this past weekend as the College welcomed freshmen and transfer students along with their families August 24-25.

Orientation Weekend began early on Saturday morning with students checking in. Residence halls opened and students from campus organizations greeted and helped families with unloading vehicles and hauling suitcases, boxes, lamps, and computers to the students’ rooms. New students were able to learn about and sample local businesses and restaurants at the Bobcat Street Fair in the gymnasium while receiving their black and orange Bobcat Nation t-shirt.

Throughout the day, excited students visited campus offices to register for class, pose for their photo ID, complete forms, and with their families, attend a first-year seminar class lead by their advisors. A formal convocation ceremony in the Chapel celebrated the beginning of the students’ academic journey. After a late afternoon lawn picnic with the college president, students said tearful goodbyes to their parents. An evening of students’ first residence hall community meetings was capped with an outdoor “Screen on the Green” movie.

Sunday was filled with academic advising, registration, and departmental meetings with faculty and a technology orientation as students were introduced to the academic experience that awaits them. Students were familiarized with the wide array of Wesleyan’s co-curricular opportunities, resources, and services while beginning to build important relationships with other students, faculty, and administrators.

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  • Convocation ceremonies 2019 in the Chapel
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