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Academic programs conduct assessment at the course, major program, and General Education levels. Assessment data is collected on the Taskstream assessment platform. The Assessment Guidelines, as well as many of the resources below, are in the Assessment Resources folder on the Blackboard Center for Teaching and Learning page.

Academic Programs
Faculty members establish learning outcomes to guide students in achieving the overall goals of the courses they teach. At the end of each academic term, faculty assess student mastery of  learning outcomes and record those findings on Taskstream.

Each academic program has established learning outcomes for students to master as they progress through the program. Faculty use a variety of measures to evaluate student learning, which may include course-embedded assignments, evaluation of capstone work, and comprehensive examinations. Academic programs report their measures and findings annually on Taskstream. Highlights of the academic assessment and reflections on program operational data are collected in the Annual Program Review.

Co-curricular Programs
Co-curricular programs establish student learning outcomes which align with the overall program goals. The measures and findings are recorded in Taskstream annually. Highlights of those findings and future plans based upon those findings are collected on the Annual Program Review.

Full-Program Review
The Assessment Council conducts full program reviews of all academic programs and co-curricular programs with educational goals on a seven-year cycle. This allows programs to take a long-term look at program assessment for the purpose of improving student learning and planning for the direction of the program.

General Education Program
The College assesses the learning outcomes of the General Education program on a three-year cycle. Faculty teaching courses in each area of the General Education program have created outcomes which support the goals of that category of courses. Common rubrics are used to evaluate student work on course embedded assignments.