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Instructional Technology

Technology Guide
The classroom technology at West Virginia Wesleyan College has been designed for student learning. Faculty may request a demo session through the Center for Teaching and Learning or the Helpdesk. The directions for available technologies are listed in the Technology Handbook.

Blackboard Learning Management System
West Virginia Wesleyan College provides the Blackboard learning management system (LMS) for faculty to communicate with students, post course material, collect and assess student work, and post student grades. Blackboard also offers an app called Instructor that makes posting announcements and reviewing content more convenient.

Supported by the instructional technologist, faculty may request a learning session or peruse directions within Blackboard. Faculty may also direct students who are experiencing Blackboard issues to contact the Helpdesk or the Instructional Technologist.

Canvas Exploration
At West Virginia Wesleyan College, the IT department continually evaluates our software for security, reliability, and functionality. Currently, the Center for Teaching and Learning and IT are investigating the Canvas learning management system for possible adoption. To learn more, explore the Canvas content hosted in Blackboard.

Panopto for Instructional Video and Student Projects
West Virginia Wesleyan College has adopted Panopto, a video creation tool for faculty and student-produced videos. Assignments can be posted and collected on Blackboard, making this a valuable resource for instructors of online or blended courses as well as for face-to-face courses. To download Panopto and view instructional materials, access the Panopto page in Blackboard.

Approved Software
The Center for Teaching and Learning, in tandem with Computing Services, approves only software that is secure, meets FERPA criteria, and can be supported through the Helpdesk or the Instructional Technologist. Grades, for example, may be stored offline on a computer, but they can only be stored online in Blackboard. As you add software, a digital classroom, or web 2.0 tools to your course, make certain that you choose from the approved software list. The Instructional Technologist is available to assist faculty to find solutions to adding technology or software to meet course needs. To obtain permission to use a software that has not been approved, please complete this form.