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Experiential learning is “structured, student-centered, integrated curriculum-based educational experiences utilizing practical applications and active involvement that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting.”  It has become a pivotal process in the college student’s overall experience.

Experiential learning encompasses a variety of experiences from internships to shadowing, community engagement, research fellowships and leadership roles.  If a student is learning and applying knowledge outside the classroom, then it most likely fits.

The main focus of experiential learning at the Student Success Center is internships.  The Experiential Learning Coordinator in the Student Success Center serves as an advocate and liaison between students and community partners to ensure students receive a valuable learning experience that is mutually beneficial.

For more details on the process and how to select an internship, please visit Jill Okes, Experiential Learning Coordinator, in the Student Success Center (Administration Building, first floor) or contact her at (304) 473-8607 .

Students Overview

Employers are seeking employees who have exemplified strong leadership, flexibility, dependability, and creativity.  One of the greatest ways to acquire this experience is through internships.

In an internship, you can develop skills in

  • Event planning
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Autonomy
  • Taking initiative
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity and critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving

What’s the process?

  1. Plan ahead.  When are you going to do this internship?  You need to meet with your stakeholders (faculty sponsor, the experiential learning coordinator, and potential site supervisor) 3 months prior to the next semester to select an internship, apply, and interview.  Come meet the Experiential Learning Coordinator to find the right internship for you!  (Located in the Student Success Center on the 1st floor of the Administration Building)
  2. Complete the Internship Form, including learning objectives, and meet with your stakeholders to solidify the information.
  3. Submit the form before the intended semester begins.
  4. Await approval, and begin your internship experience!

Alumni and Community Partners Overview


  • Enhance your local economic development and investment
  • Develop a stronger connection to West Virginia Wesleyan College as an alumnus or partner
  • Discover outstanding future employees
  • Foster and cultivate new perspectives to develop future professionals, but also benefit from the growth of your own organization
  • Sustain a strong reputation among current students/future alumni, consumers, and future employees


  • Be a Partner.  Whether an alumnus or organization is 5 or 500 miles away, sign up to serve as a site for an internship, job shadow, and/or informational interview.
    Step 1- Fill out the Interest Form (found below)
    Step 2- Correspond with Jill Okes at (She’ll be in touch soon!)
    Step 3- Interview and Select an Intern (Interview Feedback Form)
    Step 4- Work with your Intern
    Step 5- Evaluate the intern and assess the process.
  • Share Your Path.  Present on campus about your professional journey, what your current employer or volunteer site’s organizational mission and culture is, careers within that field, and the work environment and varying responsibilities present.  (This is an option to select on the Interest Form.)
  • Share Your Knowledge.  Present to students on specific skills necessary to have after college, i.e. time management, financial planning, stress management, building a budget, graduate/law/medical school 101.  We welcome all ideas!

Have concerns you won’t be able to make it to campus?  We can arrange Skype or GoToMeeting presentations with on-campus facilitators.


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