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Students Overview

Employers are seeking employees who have exemplified strong leadership, flexibility, dependability, and creativity.  One of the greatest ways to acquire this experience is through internships. Talk to your academic advisor about internship possibilities.

Planning on doing it for credit? What’s the process?

  1. Plan ahead.  When are you going to do this internship?  You need to meet with your stakeholders (faculty sponsor, the experiential learning coordinator, and potential site supervisor) 3 months prior to the next semester to select an internship, apply, and interview.  Come meet the Experiential Learning Coordinator to find the right internship for you!  (Located in the Student Success Center on the 1st floor of the Administration Building)
  2. Complete the Internship Form, including learning objectives, and meet with your stakeholders to solidify the information.
  3. Submit the form before the intended semester begins.
  4. Await approval, and begin your internship experience!