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Wesleyan Arts Academy

Dates: June 20 – July 3, 2021
Cost: $499

Wesleyan Arts Academy

If you are a high school student who is a musician, singer, dancer, actor, visual artist, or creative writer, the Wesleyan Arts Academy at West Virginia Wesleyan College is a unique summer opportunity for you.

Rising high school freshmen through seniors from anywhere in the United StatesS and abroad are welcome to attend the academy. Students in each of the five disciplines will receive intense, personalized instruction in technique, creativity, creation, and artistic collaboration. 

West Virginia Wesleyan College arts faculty are at the top of their fields, and they exist in a collaborative, cross disciplinary environment at the college where creativity and artistic sharing is highly valued. 


Students choosing to study in the visual arts will be able to select from one or both of  the following options:;  Studio Arts, Digital Arts or even both.  Studio artists will develop their skills across a range of media, such as painting, drawing, and printmaking. DWhile digital artists will work with graphic design and motion-based graphics, such as video production, animation and game design.  The West Virginia Wesleyan College Art faculty fully embraces the idea of an artist equipped with the tools to express themselves in traditional and digital media, enabling them to utilize whatever media necessary for developing their own artistic vision.


Dance students will be immersed in multiple genres, rather than in a limited, conservatory environment. Students will study movement and choreography in ballet, modern, jazz, and hip hop. Our goal is to ensure that dance students have a well-rounded, broad foundation in movement of all types. 

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music study at the Wesleyan Arts Academy is not a conservatory style experience, and we do not limit the types of instrumentalists who may join us or restrict the genres of music that are studied. Instead, we week to place musicians from a variety of stylistic backgrounds — such as classical, wind band, jazz, folks, rock, hip hop, Appalachian, and other contemporary styles — in a collaborative environment where they learn how to become versatile musicians. Students will study improvisation, basic music theory and composition practices, arranging, recording technology, and solo performance. Small and large ensembles will be formed from the students to attend the academy, and all will receive personal instruction and group collaborative education. 

Vocal Music

A traditional, choral experience will serve as the backbone of the Vocal Music program at the Wesleyan Arts Academy. Students will also be given opportunities to study and perform solo literature as part of voice classes and recitals. You don’t need to be a “classically trained” singer to attend and grow in this experience. We welcome singers from all styles and backgrounds. Our goal is to prepare vocal students to understand how their voice functions and to prepare them to succeed in any style they choose.

Wesleyan’s instrumental and vocal music faculty are professional musicians who continue to perform nationally and internationally. 


Theatre students will receive instruction in movement, monologues, performing short works, Improv comedy, and classical styles. The focus will be on empowering future actors to be strong and comfortable in a variety of settings. Students will also learn basic and advanced set-design and creation techniques.  Our Theatre instructors have national credits and students attending the academy will be able to learn from real-world, professional actors and theatre technicians. 

Interdisciplinary Studies

Students at the Wesleyan Arts Academy will also work in interdisciplinary groups to create multimedia projects that will be driven by prompts from faculty. These stimulating, challenging settings will prepare student artists to collaborate with others and work effectively outside of their own artistic discipline — something that professional artists must be able to do in order to thrive in the real world. At the end of the two- week experience, students in each of the disciplines will showcase their work in public performances and exhibitions.