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Anne Belldina

Home Town: Masontown, WV

Major(s)/Minor(s): Majors – Chemistry and Philosophy / Minor – Honors

What are you involved in on campus? Zeta Tau Alpha, National Society of Leadership and Success, Benzene Ring

What makes Wesleyan your home? The sense of community on campus. Small class sizes and caring professors have made my college experience so simple. Any professor will go out of his or her way to ensure that you are not struggling, not only with school, but, in life, as well. It is so easy to find your niche at Wesleyan because there are so many things to get involved in.

What college life advice would you give to incoming freshman? Go to class. Seriously, always go to class and take your work seriously. It pays off to work hard on everything you do and to actively learn the material so that you aren’t always cramming for exams and trying to learn everything at the last minute.

Why did you choose Weslyean? I chose WVWC because the campus was beautiful and everyone I met was kind. The first time that I visited Wesleyan with my parents, I just knew that I would thrive here, and I did.

What will you remember most about Wesleyan? The people. I will never forget all of the amazing friends that I have made over the last four years. I have such a diverse friend group and support system that I have to thank for helping me succeed here. Between my sorority sisters, people in the chemistry department, and others that I have met along the way, I’ve developed a seriously amazing network. I have no doubt that I’ll always have them by my side, even if we are far apart.