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Winnifred Berry

Home Town:  Greenbelt, Maryland

Major(s)/Minor(s): Major – Sociology / Minors – Criminal Justice and Psychology

What are you involved in on campus? Center for Community and Engagement (Service Scholar, weekly volunteer at the Child Development Center), Campus Life (Resident Assistant), LEAP (Leadership Exploration through Applied Practice), and WE LEAD – Appalachia Experience (Get Up and Get Moving, which is a physical activity program at local elementary schools in Buckhannon.

What makes Wesleyan your home? Wesleyan is my home because I feel comfortable walking around campus, attending classes, and participating in campus organizations. Furthermore, Wesleyan is my home because I regularly spend 30 minutes to an hour daily talking to faculty and staff, including the Aladdin staff and hours socializing with my fellow Bobcats.  In addition, people at Wesleyan are friendly, accepting, and respectful to each other as well as approachable. I feel that people are always willing to lend a helping hand.  On the other hand, my residence hall contributes to making Wesleyan my home because it feels homey, there are several lovely lobby areas that resembles a living room or family room. Also, my room looks very homey and cozy like it does at home, I have decorations all around my room and pictures of my family and friends on my wall like I do back at home. To conclude, I enjoy having privacy, not that I do not have it at home but I enjoy the privacy, peace, and quietness that I have in the residence hall because it allows me to concentrate on assignments, sleep, watch Netflix and chill, or simply read a book.

What college life advice would you give to incoming freshman? I would advise incoming freshman to avoid joining multiple organizations during their first year and instead observe the main one’s that they want to join. I would also advise an incoming freshman to build a close relationship with at least one or two faculty or staff member who has worked at Wesleyan for a long time. Furthermore, I would advise an incoming freshman to take advantage of service learning opportunities on campus because it will better serve them later in the future. I would also advise incoming freshman to stay true to their character, get to know upper-classmen, and try new things. Also, I would advise incoming freshman to keep a line of communication with their family and friends at home because they are the main cheerleaders and support system. Lastly, I would strongly advise incoming freshman to say no to peer pressure, show integrity, and GO TO CLASS.

Why did you choose WVWC?   One of the reasons that I chose Wesleyan is because my financial aid package was helpful. I also chose WVWC because I knew that I would be able to concentrate on my studies, meet new people, enjoy the beauty of campus, and be recognized for academic success. In addition, I chose WVWC because I had never attended a private school before and I wanted to have a smaller class size since my high school class sizes were large. I also love having a personal relationship with my instructors and being able to visit their office hours regularly. Finally, I chose WVWC because the faculty and staff that I met during my two visits were kind and welcoming of my family and I, which made me feel more certain of becoming a WVWC Bobcat.

What will you remember most about Wesleyan? I will remember the faculty and staff the most! I have had close relationships with teachers from elementary school through high school but those relationships do not compare to the relationships that I have developed with some of the faculty and staff at Wesleyan. I have grown extremely close to some of them and I know that it is going to be very difficult when I graduate because I will not see them on a day-to-day basis. I will surely remember visiting them in their offices and spending an hour and the half talking about graduate school, life, men, my generation, Wesleyan, food, or how I am always overthinking stuff.