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Thomas Schoffler ’97

Position at WVWC: Associate Professor of Theatre Arts/Chair of Theatre & Dance Department

Education and grad years: 

  • BA in English – WVWC 1997
  • MFA in Acting – University of Texas at Austin 2004
  • Certified Alexander Technique Teacher

Hometown: Bridgeport, WV

Classes Taught/Activities Overseen: Acting, Movement, Playwriting, Musical Theatre, Masculinities, Humanities

Why did you choose WVWC? Wesleyan offered me a full academic scholarship.

What is your favorite thing about WVWC? The size of the school allows people to be involved in many activities and disciplines.

What can students expect when they are in your classroom? I hope to create lively discussions about making art. Studying and practicing the arts can teach us how to hone our skills of empathy. This is a skill that is difficult to teach in other ways – it has to be practiced – but employing empathy and compassion can lead to more positive outcomes in so many of our endeavors.

What advice do you have for students looking at WVWC? Come visit! Stay overnight, take some classes, speak to students. You’ll know when you’ve found the place that feels like “home.”

Where can students find you when you’re not in the classroom? I’m often in rehearsals if not in the classroom. I work outside of the college as a professional actor, director and coach.

Why is it important that students experience learning outside the classroom? Outside the classroom is where you begin to employ the “human” skills that you’ll need for navigating the world, post-graduation. Working in groups on class projects, artistic pursuits, or athletic teams gives students the opportunity to learn about deadlines, collaboration, teamwork and compromise.