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Lauren Hatcher

Home town: Christiansburg, Virginia

Major(s)/Minor(s): Major-English Literature; Minors- Social Justice and Gender Studies

What are you involved in on campus?: I’m involved with 4-H, WE LEAD, the Service Scholar program, Student Senate, Campus Life as a Resident Assistant, the LEAP program, Religious Life Council, and the First-Year Seminar Program.

What makes Wesleyan your home?: Wesleyan is my home away from home because of the individuals I interact with. No matter what organization, major, or what group of people you are surrounded by, they all care about you. The cafeteria ladies remember your name, and your professors remember you went home because a family member was sick and they ask about them. Everybody here cares for everybody else. I have had professors and mentors pass along job opportunity information and spend their time pouring into me to help improve my professional skills. The head of my department personally pours into me and my writing when it comes to my major and genuinely cares about seeing me succeed. So often, I see this passed on. When an advisor spends time trying to help a student succeed, that student often enters a leadership role and spends their time helping other students succeed. It is a big chain of encouraging and supporting each other. The people here genuinely care and I see this overflowing into the Buckhannon community and it makes my heart happy. The college’s willingness to serve their students has inspired the students to serve the community and has created an amazing environment of determination and fellowship between the college and the Buckhannon community.

What college life advice would you give to incoming freshman?: Say hi to people! Even if it’s just your roommate or the person you sit next to in class! You don’t have to be outgoing, join every organization, or have eight majors in order to have close friends! Once you start one friendship, it sparks so many other opportunities! The more people you talk to, the more you get to experience other cultures, personalities, and thought processes. We have people here from all across the globe and you never know when you’ll have class next to somebody who is completely different from you! The friendships that have two people who are so different are some of the best ones!!

Why did you choose WVWC?: I originally chose WVWC because I stayed the night at Orange and Black Day and got to see the campus from a whole new and different perspective than you do on visit days. You see the activities and the busy people doing homework with friends. I got to see friends playing cards together and spending time talking about things they’re passionate about. Now, several years in, I continue to choose WVWC every single day because I still am surrounded by passionate people and it is contagious. The people here create an environment that makes you want to succeed. You want to accomplish things because you are surrounded by people that tell you that you can! Everybody here is passionate about something and once you step foot on campus, you start your own journey of discovering what you are passionate about. I’m still on that journey, so I continue to choose WVWC every single day!