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Walk-In Tutoring

Walk-In Tutoring is a peer-tutoring program certified Level I by the College Reading and Learning Association and sponsored by the Learning Center. It provides faculty-recommended tutors who are trained and supervised to assist students with the goal of promoting independence in learning.

Walk-In Tutoring offers help for students in courses offered by many of the academic departments. Tutors can help students: understand how to complete homework and other assignments, determine how and what to study, figure out professor expectations, etc. Students who would like assistance can attend one of the regularly scheduled tutoring sessions offered on a walk-in basis.

Students who need help with a course in a department not listed on the tutoring schedule can contact the Tutor Supervisor. The Tutor Supervisor will organize a study group for that particular course.

Course Offerings

  • Study Strategies – COLL-104 / 1 credit – offered both 1st and 2nd quarters – College Study Strategies is designed to help students make the academic adjustment to college life. The small group structure of the course enables the instructors from the Learning Center to assist students with differing needs. In this class, students will: 1) develop a working knowledge of the information processing model of memory, 2) demonstrate an understanding of personal learning style, 3) choose effective academic strategies to understand and remember information associated with current academic course work, 4) learn to monitor academic progress, 5) develop an awareness of personal reasons for attending college.
  • Tutor Training Level 1 – COLL-109 / 1 credit – Prerequisites: cumulative B average and Tutor Supervisor permission – Tutor Training Level 1 instructs capable students to become effective tutors. The training is founded upon the principle of facilitating the academic independence of students who use the tutoring service. The class emphasizes tutor guidelines, goals, responsibilities/roles, and strategies appropriate for the tutorial session. This one-quarter course is among the requirements for students preparing to tutor in the Learning Center’s tutoring program. It has been designed to meet the tutor program certification criteria through the College Reading and Learning Association.
  • Grad School Test Prep – COLL-305 / 1 credit – Must be junior or senior – Grad School Test Prep helps students systematically prepare for graduate school entrance examinations. This class instructs students in planning to take practice tests, analyzing mistakes, and designing a study plan for subsequent practice tests.