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Walk-In Tutoring

Here’s what WVWC students are saying about Walk-In Tutoring:

  • I was confused until I came to tutoring.
  • I’m seeing positive exam grades because of tutoring.
  • The tutor helped me know what to study for my test.
  • I feel more calm with the tutor’s advice.
  • I always have an understanding when I leave.

Walk-In Tutoring is a peer-tutoring program certified Level I by the College Reading and Learning Association and sponsored by the Learning Center. It provides faculty-recommended tutors who are trained and supervised to assist students with the goal of promoting independence in learning.

Walk-In Tutoring offers help for students in courses offered by many of the academic departments. Tutors can help students: understand how to complete homework and other assignments, determine how and what to study, figure out professor expectations, etc. Students who would like assistance can attend one of the regularly scheduled tutoring sessions offered on a walk-in basis.

Students who need help with a course in a department not listed on the tutoring schedule can contact the Tutor Supervisor. The Tutor Supervisor will organize a study group for that particular course.