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Academic FAQs

How do I request an official transcript?
Go to the Wesleyan homepage and under Academics/Academic Services you will see a link to Request a Transcript. Follow the instructions carefully, especially if you are a first-time user.

How do I obtain an unofficial transcript?
We do not issue unofficial transcripts. Current students may elect to print an unofficial transcript from WebAdvisor or download a PDF copy through Self-Service.

How do I obtain my grades each semester?
Log-in to your WebAdvisor account and under the Academic Profile section select the My Grades option and specify the term. You also have the option to authorize a proxy. A proxy is someone that you authorize to act on your behalf to view your student records and/or pay your bill and view your final grades. For more information on establishing a proxy in Self-Service, contact the Academic Services Office, Financial Aid Office or the Student Accounts Office.

How many credit hours is considered full-time?
Full-time enrollment is 12 – 17 credits hours for undergraduate students. For graduate students, 6 credit hours is considered full-time.

What if I want to take more than 17 credit hours?
Students who wish to enroll in more than 17 credit hours in a semester must have sophomore standing, a minimum grade point average of 2.75, and the approval of the Registrar.

How do I preregister for classes?
Currently enrolled students are required to preregister via WebAdvisor during the designated time period. You must meet with your advisor and submit your courses. Your advisor must approve your schedule and complete the preregistration process before it is finalized. By preregistering for classes, this will hold a spot for you in those classes until you confirm your schedule at registration. ALL students are required to officially register the day before classes begin each term as noted on the academic calendar.

How can I change my schedule once the semester begins?
After the semester begins, the first five days of the semester is referred to as the add/drop period. Course changes made during this time do not appear on the college transcript. After add/drop, you may withdraw from a class and the grade will appear as a W on the transcript. Please refer to the academic calendar to determine the official dates for the term. Forms are available in the Academic Services Office.

How do I declare a major or minor?
The Major-Advisor Update Request form is available online and in the Academic Services Office. Please submit forms via email to or to the Academic Services Office.

How do I change my advisor?
The Major-Advisor Update Request form is available online and in the Academic Services Office. You will need to obtain the signature of your new advisor and return the card to the office.

How do I submit a change of address?
The Update Contact Information form is available online and in the Academic Services Office. Please submit forms via email to or to the Academic Services Office.

What if I need verification that I am an enrolled student?
You can download and print the request for enrollment verification form from the Academic Services webpage. You can submit the form in person, through the mail, or by fax. Be sure to sign it.

How do I obtain a degree audit?
You are required to complete an Application for Degree when you are two semesters out from your intended graduation date. Forms are available in the office or you can download and print one from the website. Both you and your academic advisor will receive a copy of the degree audit.

I am considering taking a summer class at another institution. What do I need to do?
Stop by the office or download the Transfer Credit approval form from our website. Complete the form as directed and return to Beth Lampinen in person or via email to You will be notified if the course is approved. You must also check with the other institution about their application and enrollment process. Once the course is completed, you must request that an official transcript from the institution be sent to WVWC. Please note that if you designate an electronic transcript delivery, do not have it send to your email. Please request electronic transcripts be sent to

How do I qualify for Veterans Educational Benefits?
As a veteran or eligible dependent, you may qualify for veterans educational benefits. To apply for benefits, visit the VONAPP website ( and click the “Start VONAPP” button.

Once you receive your Certificate of Eligibility, submit it to Matt Linder, Veterans Certifying Official, in Financial Aid or to
We also encourage you to register at so you can stay current with your VA benefits.
Additional help is available through Veterans Upward Bound at or calling 800-624-3157, ext. 1257.

How do I obtain my West Virginia Department of Education teaching certification?
The Education Department will provide you with a certification packet that guides you through the process. Once you have completed your portion, please bring materials to Beth Lampinen in the Academic Services Office.