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Academic Forms

Transfer Credit

Wesleyan students who wish to complete work towards a Wesleyan degree at another institution must submit a completed Application for Credit Transfer form and receive approval for specific courses prior to enrolling in them. This step ensures that upon successful completion they will be accepted by the College and satisfy intended degree requirements.

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Application for Degree

At least 12 months prior to anticipated completion of degree requirements, each candidate for a degree is required to file an application for degree at the Office of the Registrar. Requirements still to be met may then be checked while there is time to make appropriate adjustments. A copy of the degree requirements is sent both to the student and the student’s academic advisor. A charge of $50 is made for failure to comply with this regulation. Such failure may also result in postponement of graduation.

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Transcript Requests

West Virginia Wesleyan now utilizes an online transcript ordering system and offers both electronic and mail delivery. Effective Monday, July 22, 2013, all transcript requests will be processed through this service.

If you are a first-time user it will be necessary for you to create an ordering account. In accordance with Federal Law it is necessary for you to complete and return a consent form to establish the account. The consent form authorizes this system to act as the ordering agent for you and gives permission for transcripts to be released to third parties as requested by you.

If the Student Accounts Office has placed a hold on the student’s record, no transcript will be issued until the financial obligation to the college has been taken care of. For questions regarding a financial hold, please contact Student Accounts.

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Verification Requests

Students who are required to submit verification of enrollment, academic status or good standing to an outside agency such as an insurance company or for a outside scholarship can request a letter verifying the specific status.

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Application for Individualized Instruction

This application packet of forms is necessary for any student pursuing an internship for credit.

Directed and Independent Study Form

Internship Guide and Application Form

C-/F Course Repeat Application

A course in which the final grade is C- through F may be repeated at Wesleyan.  Specific information regarding course repeats can be found in the academic catalog.

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Pass/Fail Course Enrollment Form

A junior or senior student may choose to take one elective course each semester to be graded on a pass/fail basis with the approval of the instructor, advisor and Registrar.  Pass/fail forms must be received and approved by the end of the add/drop period.  Specific information regarding course repeats can be found in the academic catalog.

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Course Enrollment Authorization Form 

Students who wish to enroll in a course without the designated prerequisites or seeking permission to audit a course must obtain appropriate signatures and submit form to the Registrar’s Office prior to the end of the add/drop period.

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Update Contact Information Form

To request an update to student contact information.

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Major-Advisor Update Request

Students may request to declare or drop a major or minor and/or change advisor.

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Registration Class Change

For use by faculty and students in processing schedule change requests during registration.

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Grade Report Request

Students may request a paper copy final grade report at the close of an academic term.

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Notice of Incomplete Grades (Faculty Use Only)

An incomplete grade may be awarded by a faculty member when extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control justify sufficient reason why a student, who is currently passing the course, should be given additional time to complete coursework, subject to the approval of the Registrar.

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Departmental Requirement Waiver (Faculty Use Only)

A waiver of a program requirement may be submitted through departmental authorization pending approval of the Registrar.

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